By Angela Davis

  • The Lions of Little Rock, by Kirstin Levine, is set in the time of segregation and integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • The setting influences the characters because Marlee, a white girl, and Liz, an African-American girl, become friends when Liz attends Marlee's 'whites only' school. Because this is during the time of segregation in Little Rock both of their families receive threats because of their friendship and their attempts to make the schools integrated, which forces them to be separated. In turn Marlee begins to find her voice and speak up for what she thinks is right.
  • The setting of The Lions of Little Rock creates a mood or atmosphere because Liz and Marlee being different races and still being friends is unheard of in this time period and thought to be a bad thing just because no one has seen it before.
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