Chapman Staff Update

November 10, 2019

Week 11:

Thank you everyone for all the kind words and support. I am so sad to leave but it was so comforting that all of you could understand where I am coming from and support my decision. It actually makes it more difficult to leave. I have learned so much from all of you and I am excited to pay it forward. I can't believe this is my last week with all of you. :(

Winter Advisory- Please make sure you check your reminds, texts and emails as we have a winter advisory. ALSO- Please make sure you give yourself enough time for safe travels. I may be leaving at 5 AM! lol

PBIS Meeting: Amy and Amanda will be here to lead our PBIS meeting starting at 9:30 AM.

MTSS Meetings: I am currently working on the schedule. There are multiple people out on Monday 11/18 either for SIS training or new absence days so it makes sense to reschedule this for Wednesday. We only have one teacher out at this time for a half day. I will do my best to honor prep times as much as possible. It is a big puzzle to put together. Thank you for your patience.

PTO, Coffee with the Principal and Board Meeting this week! Parents will have an opportunity to meet Mrs. Ferguson at the PTO (Tuesday @ 6 PM) and Coffee with the Principals (Thursday @ 9)this week. Chapman has the spotlight at the board meeting on Thursday at 7 PM.

Monday is Veterans Day- Wear red, white and blue to honor our troops.

GoNoodle: Don't forget that we have GoNoodle and it is great for brain breaks and indoor recess activities. I get an activity report every month and we are low on the number of activities. Remember as part of our health grant, the majority of teachers need to be using GoNoodle on a regular basis. You can customize activities too!

Guidance Center: Sarah will be here every THURSDAY! She will be gathering information and scheduling groups since they will have to be run differently from last year with our lunch/recess schedule. We will send out that schedule ASAP. We are very lucky to have her- We are the only school she is working with this year :)


Indoor Recess: EEEEK! I don't want bad weather but we need to be prepared for it. Please make sure that you review indoor recess expectations AND have appropriate activities your class can participate in posted on the inside of your door. Remember you may not always have the same lunch monitor for indoor recess so we need the information in one spot. There may be times we can use the gymnasium but we will need to work our some procedures for that before we are able to do it.

E-BLAST and NEWSLETTER: Please Help! Please sign up for a month/week that you want to share what your class or grade have been learning. These E-blast items must be program/curriculum related and pictures should be included. This is your time to showcase your students to the community! The same idea applies to the newsletter. You are always welcome to send me items for the parent newsletters but I have created a schedule for everyone. Families love to see what their children are doing at school and love pictures. This way I will always have a grade level or activity to showcase in the building every week. Here is the link to the schedule:

Please do not hesitate to ask question if you have them.


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Big picture

Staff Meeting Dates

Please honor this time and arrange appointments and other after school activities around these dates. If there are any conflicts please see me well in advance. If you miss a staff meeting/PLC, it is your responsibility to get the materials and make up the PD time.













This Week's Schedule

Monday 11/11:

Veterans Day- Wear Red White and Blue

9:30- PBIS Meeting with Amanda and Amy

Tuesday 11/12:

4:00 PM- Mentor Meeting

6:00 PM- PTO Meeting (Meeting Els and Guidance Center presentation on trauma)

Wednesday 11/13:

SIS JEC 1st AM/K PM @ Hunter

Thursday 11/14:

9:00 AM Coffee with the Principals- Leslie and ELs

1:00 PM Special Ed

4:00 PM PR and Marketing

4:00 PM Staff Workout

7:00 PM Board Meeting- Chapman Spotlight

Friday 11/15:

Happy Friday

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