To attract my audience, I used informal language throughout my front cover, contents and double page spread. This is because this relates to the genre of my magazine which is RnB. Through previous primary audience research of professional RnB magazines, I was able to see that they mostly used informal language to pull the reader in therefore I decided to do the same. For my double page spread, I did an informal interview between the artist and interviewer. This would most likely appeal to the younger ages of my target audience as the age goes low at 17 therefore the simple and fun conversation will most likely appeal to them. I also added a 'WIN' sticker on my front cover to create a competition that will attract my audience as they would win tickets which makes my magazine more interesting.


I used a variety of fonts to appeal to my audience but made sure to make the fonts bold as it's more eye-catching for the audience. I mostly used the font Britannic Bold because it was clear and bold but simple enough which suited my genre. I did not want to overfill my front cover with different fonts as it would not go well with the stereotypical genre of my magazine and instead could have looked like a pop magazine. For my double page spread, I used a simple font as my audience would need to read the content on the page therefore I did not want to use a hard to read font.


I looked at other RnB magazines such as Vibe and saw that the front cover usually has a close up or a mid shot of the model which is what made me choose my front cover picture. This camera angle pulls the reader in as it enables the outfit of the model to half be seen but the attention being mostly on the face and eyes which attracts the audience well. I used different images on my contents page to give the reader a little taster of what's to come in the rest of the magazine which makes them want to read it.


I kept a consistent theme throughout my FC, CP and DPS with the colours red, black, grey and white to draw the audiences attention and keep my magazine professional. These colours meshed very well together as I didn't want to use all dark colours otherwise my magazine could have ended up looking like a rock magazine or all bright colours for it to be like a pop magazine so I went in the middle with the colour scheme. These colours created a balance between a male and female audience as the colours were suitable for both gender which is good as it widens my audience.

I asked my friend what she thought about my magazine..

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