VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Lauren Engle

Fill in the blank

Ansley's mother-in-law decorates her house with many _________ knickknacks that visitors find distracting and tacky.
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What's in the Blank?

meretricious (adj.)

~1. attention-getting in a vulgar way; tawdry

~2. insincere; based on pretense or deception


mereo, merere, merui, meritum <L. "to earn," "to deserve," "to merit"

Don't Confuse it with...

meretricious is often confused with meritorious

~ meritorious: praiseworthy; deserving of reward or esteem

think MERIT-orious to help you remember that it means praiseworthy


Definition #1:

  • flashy
  • tasteless
  • tawdry
  • cheap
  • showy

Definition #2:

  • insincere
  • counterfeit
  • sham
  • misleading
  • phony


Definition #1:

  • tasteful
  • conservative
  • understated

Definition #2:

  • sincere
  • genuine
  • authentic

Lets Practice!

Choose the sentence below in which the word in bold is used correctly:

A) Adding those flamboyant earrings to such a colorful skirt gives your entire outfit a meretricious effect.

B) Jessica's home was decorated with meretricious and classy furniture.

C) As the editor of a prestigious fashion magazine, Claudia will fire any staff members who dress or behave in a meretricious way.

D) Even though the lyrics of his new song have a meretricious crudeness, the melody is catchy enough to attract many listeners.

correct answer: B

~ the furniture is classy, not trashy