PRJHS Weekly Update

September 21 - September 25, 2015

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Dates to Remember

  • September 29: Department Meetings
  • September 29: MATES Presentation, Period 2 - 8:30 am
  • October 6: Department Meetings
  • October 6: New Jersey State Police Cyberbullying Presentation (9th grade) - Period 1
  • October 7: MP1 progress reports due
  • October 12: Columbus Day - District In-Service
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Teacher Observation Information

  • Observations are Beginning!
    • Round # 1: 9/28/15-1/15/16 (Tenure) 9/28/15-11/25/15 (non-tenure)
    • Announced
    • Mandatory Pre & Post Conference
  • # of Observations Required for Teacher Practice(Marzano Domains)

  • Domain 1 - Classroom Strategies and Behaviors
    • 2 (Tenure)
    • 3 (Non-Tenure)
  • Domain 2 - Planning & Preparation
    • 2 for all Teachers
  • Domain 3 - Reflection
    • 1 for all Teachers
  • Domain 4 - Collegiality and Professionalism
    • 1 for all Teachers


Pinelands Students Sing

8th Grader Gaten Matarazzo and his sister Sabrina, 11th grade, were invited to sing at the NY Mets game on September 18. Below is the YouTube video of them blowing the crowd away singing the National Anthem.
Gaten and Sabrina sing the Anthem for the NY Mets

Media Center Updates

As we discussed at our staff meeting, attached are the revised media center reservation "zones", which allow at least three classes to occupy the media center simultaneously throughout the day. Additionally, all technology and facility reservations for the media center will now go through the below link (if you already have a reservation, it will be transferred to this form for you). We will begin using this form for all reservations beginning on Monday, September 28. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mandatory Trainings

  • If you haven't done so, please complete your Mandatory Trainings ASAP. The link to the training site is provided below. When you arrive at the page, just type in your Pinelands username and click on sign-in.

PRJHS Leadership Council Kick-Off Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 3pm

PRJHS Media Center

  • Just a reminder that the Leadership Council will have its 1st meeting on Thursday, October 1, at 3:00 PM in the Media Center. Some talking points will be JHS Building Level Goals, building, emergency procdures, laptop cart protocols, and QSAC/DIP/Intervention Team.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What is Happening in the JHS

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Viewing the Eclipse

On Sunday, September 27, students and families gathered with Mr. Steele on the JHS campus to watch the lunar eclipse. About 30 people were in attendance to witness the event. A special thanks to Mr. Steele for organizing this school activity around the celestial event.