Summer Mathematics Workshops

Erie 2 BOCES

Understanding the Structure of the Curriculum Modules

July 17, 2014 These webinars are for anyone who is new to the curriculum, or for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to attend a workshop on the structure and the design of the curriculum.

Mathematics Learning Expeditions (K-12)

Vision for the Mathematics Learning Expedition- July 28 - Aug 1, 2014

Building Coherence Through Models (K-5)

August 6, 2014 This webinar is for anyone who would like to learn about the use of the models in the Story of Units Curriculum and how these tools are used to encourage transfer and build coherence across the grade levels.

  • Arrays to Area Models- Models for repeated addition/subtraction- multiplication and division (9:00 am- 9:20 am)
  • Bundles to Disks- Models for extending place value strategies (9:30 am- 9:50am)
  • 10-frames and the Rekenrek- Models built around 5’s and 10’s (10:00 am-10:20 am)
  • Number lines- Open, Closed, Horizontal and Vertical (10:30 am- 10:50 am)

    (There will be 10 minutes to practice a few examples following each section of the presentation.)

Link to register for the Building Coherence Through Models

Other Summer Sessions

July 21 - 25: K-12 ELA

Lead Facilitators: Jean Pappalardo and Amy Bartell

August 4-8: K-12 Science, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects
Lead Facilitators: Dana Serure and Marcy Sweetman

August 11 - August 15: Technology

Lead Facilitators: Kim Oakes and Justine Stephan

Open to Districts Participating in Model Schools (Coser 566)

August 18 - August 21: Assessment

Lead Facilitators: Theresa Gray and Pam Shannon

Open to Districts Participating in Data Management (Coser 560)