Mueller braces And Supports

Skiers often suffer cartilage damage in the knee.

Protecting the Knees When Skiing

Skiing remains a great way for individuals to obtain exercise, yet this sport can be very hard on the knees. The high-speed descents, varying weather conditions, and the skis' long lever point all tend to place a great deal of stress on the knees. For this reason, many participants choose to make use of knee braces and supports. These devices may be used to prevent injury and to help during the recovery process after an injury has been sustained. When used with the proper ankle controlling footwear, individuals find these braces will add to the stability of the knee while providing protection and support.

How Braces and Supports Help

Some individuals struggle to ski because they suffer from a functional deficit. The brace works to stabilize the joint while supporting any ligamentous structures that are deficient. This ensures the skier has full flexibility at all times. Mueller braces and supports are of great benefit also when a person is recovering from an injury. For example, a person may need to have a tendon repaired. When this is the case, the recovery process may take a year or more and the knee must be protected during this time. Furthermore, repaired ligaments always remain weaker after an injury, regardless of the treatment. The brace or support helps to protect this weakened structure when the individual is skiing or engaging in other activities. These are only a few of the many benefits seen with the use of these devices.

Additional Protection

Skiers often suffer cartilage damage in the knee. A brace or support helps to ensure the knee remains in the proper position to prevent this type of injury and to add additional support for the joint. Bone injuries are not unheard of either, and the patella, tibia, and femur are all vulnerable when a person is skiing. Furthermore, knee dislocations are not unheard of and medial and lateral meniscus tears are always a concern.

Braces and supports are beneficial for a wide range of activities, not simply skiing. Any time a person is engaging in a high impact or extreme sport they need to ensure they are taking measures to protect their bones and joints. The braces and supports can be of great help in accomplishing this goal. In addition, racquet sports tend to be hard on the knees due to the increased rotational forces seen during these activities. If you are concerned about the health and stability of your knees when engaging in any sport, don't hesitate to speak to a doctor to determine if a brace or support would be beneficial. For many, it will.