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By: Principal Dufrene

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Hello HHS,

Wow, we had over 730 visitors last week for our 1st edition of Trojan Times, let's break 800 this week!

We made it through our first full 5 day work week at HHS. Great job by students and staff in and out of the classroom working hard each day. Our goal is to get better each day, each week by putting forth our best effort with a good attitude. Together, we got this!

Attendance...if you are being marked absent in Schoology by all of your classes, you should reach out to the school and make sure your Virtual School Registration paperwork is turned in correctly.

Parent Access codes were sent home last week with all students. If your child is attending school in person, you can ask them for it. If your child is a virtual learner or you have not received the information you can fill out using the link below...

All courses for the entire year are showing up on Schoology at this time, we are on a 4x4 block schedule, which means our students only have 4 classes per semester, 8 for the year (4 in the fall and 4 in the spring).

School Picture Day is set for Friday, September 25th. Memories Made Studios will be here to take pictures of all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. We are working with the company to see how we can set up a session for our students that are virtual learners at this time.

Our county-color changed from Green to Yellow. This means that there has been a slight increase in our Community Transmission rate. We are low Yellow which is good. This color change has been attributed to out of stat travel, not our schools. The only change for schools is that face coverings will be required for 6th through 12th grades at all times, unless there is a doctor or parent note. We continue to work closely with our school nurse, Mrs. Dante and the Department of Health for proper health guidelines. Please review color chart below.

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Hampshire Highlights...

- Congrats to Coach Rule on his first career win and to the Football Team for their first victory of the season!

- Congrats to the Boys & Girls Cross-Country Teams for their victories this week, including the double wins at the Hedgesville Meet with Chris Lucas setting a new course record of 17:44!

- Congrats to the Boys & Girls Soccer Teams for their victories this week, especially on Senior Night!

- Thank you to Mrs. Sulser's Animal Processing students for giving me lessons on how to "Salt Cure a Ham".

Thank you to Mrs. Long's CNA students for the group photo in your scrubs while modeling healthy expectations!

- Thank you to Mrs. Crites' Businees & Marketing students for making various posters to display around campus.

- A BIG Thank You to Lost Mountain BBQ Company for supporting HHS and #20strong...they sold almost 300 Trojan Cheesesteaks and raised almost $1,500!!!

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This Week @HHS...

- Monday> "Dress for Success" Day...look good, feel good, do good; Let's get prepared and organized so we can have a great week; Boys JV & V Soccer home 5 & 7 PM; Girls Soccer away.

- Tuesday> JV Football home 6:30; Boys & Girls Cross-Country away; JV & V Volleyball away.

- Wednesday> Midweek...keep working hard; Homecoming Court nominations during breakfast (more details coming from Coach Meadows).

- Thursday> Boys & Girls Soccer and Volleyball away.

- Friday> Picture Day for grades 9th, 10th, and 11th; Trojan Pride Day (wear green & white); Football home 7 PM.

- Saturday> Boys & Girls Soccer away.

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Counselors' Corner:

Students, please do not contact the counselors on social media. If you need to speak with one of us, you can email us or fill out the form here:

Seniors interested in college sports must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. There is a fee to register, so be prepared for that. Go to this link and follow the enrollment process:

Tips from Academic Coaches:


QUESTION (for students):

Is there a mobile app for Schoology?


Yes, there are apps for iOS and Android.

QUESTION (for parents):

Where can I find more information regarding Schoology?


Schoology has an extensive Help Center for Parents. It can be found at

QUESTION (for teachers):

I accidentally deleted an assignment kids have already started. How do they submit the one they've been working on?


Just restore it from your recycle bin. Go to your course options on the left and look in the recycle bin. They say nothing gets truly deleted in Schoology.

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Healthy Expectations by Nurse Dante:

Why wear a mask??? Masks or face coverings have increasingly been shown to help slow the spread of COVID-19. There is evidence that clor or paper face coverings help prevent people who may have or carry COVID (without symptons) from spreading the virus to others. Wearing a mask or face covering by students and staff is making a positive difference...we are in school, where we want to be, so let's keep doing what is best for all. Not everyone can wear a mask due to medical concern or health-related reason. We understand this and will accept a note from home or doctor. Thank you for your support and understanding as we are all working together to stay in school!
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Do You Know???

Attention all students, do you want to win some FREE HHS gear? Let's see who is reading the Trojan Times (the first student to email me with the correct answers win!)...

1) How tall is Principal Dufrene?

2) Where was Principal Dufrene born?

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Keep Working Hard,

Mr. Dufrene