Teen Counseling Group

High-school students welcome!!!

Being a teen is not easy...

Is your teen struggling with high-school, relationships, peers, homework and demands, transitions as he/she gets older, fears about college, etc?

DePaul University Education & Counseling Center is offering a teen counseling group on Tuesdays from 4-5p. This is a time for teens to get together with other teens who are having some of the same struggles and challenges.

It always feels good to have a group of peers to be genuine with; who you do not have to be anyone but yourself with; who will share and give feedback as you work through the challenges of being a teen.

Group and individual counseling services are facilitated by grad students who have completed all coursework and are currently in internship. All services are supervised by DePaul licensed staff/faculty.

Fee is $10 per session.

To register, please call 773-325-7745 or email us at ecc@depaul.edu

DePaul University Education & Counseling Center

The center also provides counseling, tutoring and homework help, and workshops for professionals and the public.