totally really epic smore

about 3rd six weeks

forms of point of view

there is first person where the book follows one character and you here only his thoughts

second person is when a main character is referred to by pronouns like you or your

and last third person is when you can hear the main characters thoughts or everybodys thoughts

plot and setting

the plot is really important cause its the main event of the story

setting is important to because the setting tells were it is and what time it is and w/o it it would take place nowhere

influence of the setting as plot develops

one astronaut, during a space voyage. The setting is everything, and it most definitely influences everything the characters are doing and also drives the plot forward.


mans to reconsider and alter something in the light of further evidence


prepare written material for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it

graphic organiser

it means a series of visual charts and tools used to represent and organize a student's knowledge or ideas.


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