World wide virus Ebola

Dangerous deadly disease

How is Ebola dangerous?

Ebola is a deadly disease that can kill you. The first person in the United states was Thomas Eric Duncan. Thomas Eric Duncan died in October 8, 2014. He was getting treatment when he passed away. Thomas Eric Duncan was getting treatment in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.Ebola has been around since 1976. It had appeared in the Ebola River. Now Ebola has re-appeared in several African country. Ebola has been appearing and disappearing. In West Africa 6,070 people have died from Ebola. A lot of people have been dying from Ebola and have Ebola. So far about 9,936 people have been with Ebola. More than 4,877 people have died from the case Ebola. Ebola has been the largest outbreak. Since November 14, 2014 14,413 people have Ebola. two nurses were taking care of a person who had Ebola and the nurses got Ebola. One nurse got Ebola in October 11 and was cure on October 24. The second nurse got Ebola on October 15 and was cure on October 28. Since Ebola have appeared and reappeared and scientist/doctors haven't found a cure for Ebola. I think that it's weird how scientist/doctors haven't found a cure for Ebola. They should have already should have already found a cure for Ebola. The way that you pass Ebola to another person is by passing a liquid fluid. Day pass and people are still getting Ebola dying from Ebola.