PAYSON!!! (Me.)

(Yeah, that's right. Me. ME. MMMMEEEEEEEE.) (Me.) (Me me.)


As most of you probably don't know, I have two brothers. (Actually you probably do know this, but I don't care.) One who is older, and one who uses my face for his own nefarious needs. (In case you haven't guessed, that is my twin.)

Favorite Memory

I do not play favorites with my memories. I find that it is hurtful to the others in the extreme. If they asked me (I don't know how.), I would tell them they are all my favorites. I'm not going to write a biography, that's for sure, so how about you just treat me as one of life's great mysteries.

Favorite Animal

Unlike with memories, I play favorites with animals. Also, there's always one clear winner. The mantis shrimp. I won't type it out here, but feel free to ask me in class. Expect a long and detailed explanation.

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Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is probably reading. Or sleeping. Or eating. Or quite possibly watching anime. Or derping the internet. Something along those twisted, convoluted lines.