Headset daily

Better then a Neuro

The new movie in town

In this book/movie written by Brain falutner. A young boy named Sam is a gifted hacker using it for his own personal gain. When someone comes up to him to test his skills. Which brings him to a life he never would have imaged. Getting to never see his family again or his friends.but little did he know that his gift would help save the world. So go watch the top selling book and go on adventures that u could never dream of. And here is a famous quote from dodge -we are our dreams-

Someone in the world asks for help??

Dear Elizabeth:

I am writing to u as a concerned friend. I am afraid that my best friend is getting addicted to the Neuro headset don't ask how we got it all that matters and now we never hang out he barley eats plz just give me so advice on how to get him back to his old self

- Concerned friend (Sam)


Dear concerned friend:

I don't know what I would do but,try detracting him with that he loves. Or try talking to him. And if that still dosnt work write it back to me by then I will have some ideas by then.


Neuro affects family's

In the latest news people have been using neuros more than even talking to there family In this quote from a poor wife who was attacked by he husband for trying to take off his headset " I don't know what happened one minute I was pulling it off his head next he hits me but the thing is I know he would never do that on purpose."

Help wanted

If your interested there is a job opening at the Cdd as a military officer. It pays well and if your into a lot of action and drama this is the place to be if u are interested call this number.


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