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The Mysterious Author Of "Twilight"

How much do you really know about Stephenie Meyer the author of "Twilight"? Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24,1973 in Hartford, Connecticut. Growing up, she had three brothers and two sisters. Stephenie Meyer went on to graduate from Brigham Young University where she achieved her bachelor's degree in English. Currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and three sons. Stephenie got the ideas for "Twilight" characters from a dream in 2003. She wrote "Twilight" in 2005.

The "Twilight series has sold over 250 million copies. Also her books have been translated into thirty-seven different languages.The "Twilight books were made into five movies which stared Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. The "Twilight" film series has grossed nearly $200 million dollars. Stephanie released her first non "Twilight" book in 2008 which was called the "Host". In conclusion, Stephenie's books continue to have fan and media attention.

After her success with "Twilight" she wrote a collection of short stories called "Prom Nights from Hell" in 2007. In 2008, her novel the "Host" was published. The "Host" was number one on the New York Times Bestselling list. Stephenie is making a sequel to the "Host" it is called the "Soul". In conclusion Stephenie's books continue to get fan and media attention.

Filming Loaction

You think you know every thing about the "Twilight" movies but how much do you really know? Forks, Washington has a population of 3,688 people. "Twilight" was filmed in Forks, WA because of the rainy weather Forks averages 120 inches of rain annually. The average household size is 2.7 people 10.0% of households in Forks are with unmarried parents. Also twenty - seven people are in the local jail in Forks. While forty - two people are in non institutional facilities. Before Meyer's first book came out visitors levels ranged from 5,000 to 10,00 per year. Compare that to 2009 when 70,000 fans of "Twilight" came to visit Forks, WA.

The Chamber of Commerce now has a self guided tour for "Twilight" sights. Forks has benefited financially in that annul revenue, from the hotel and motel tax have risen, from $84,000 in 2003 to $133,585 in 2009 and sales tax revenue has increased by a third. Did you that before 2005, Stephanie Meyer had never been to Washington. In "Twilight" the forest scenes are filmed in the Hoh forest. Forks, WA has a Stephanie Meyer Day/ Bella's Birthday weekend. Forks is on the Olympic peninsula and pacific Ocean. The "Twilight" series was actually made in Forks. The average tempter in Forks is sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

There is more unemployment in Forks than Washington. Earth quake activity is 27% , higher than the regular average percent. In conclusion the reason that Stephanie Meyer picked Forks, WA was because of the climate and rainy weather.

book sighining with Stephenie Meyer

Monday, May 11th, 5-7pm

81 North Forks Avenue

Forks, WA

Fun facts about Stephenie Meyer

  • She only told her older sister she was writing.
  • She didn't plan to get it published, just wrote for fun, but after she was done Emily persuaded her to get it published.
  • She had known her husband,Christiaan since she was four and then reacquainted with him in collage.
  • Stephanie's name came from her father Stephen.
  • She says a lot of Bella's charcter is based off of her

top seven favorite Stephaenie Meyer movies

1) The Host

2) Twilight

3) New Moon

4) Eclipes

5) Breaking Dawn

7) Breaking Dawn part 2