Internet Resources for Teachers

A spooky inservice to bring technology into you classroom!

Let's get strarted!

It is so important for teachers to use technology in the classroom! We will explore different resources that will be helpful to you.


These are some different games and activities that you could bring into your room, also these would be really good to put at centers!

Let's make flashcards

A fun game for teaching fractions

Counting Money

teaching math with innovative technology


Sometimes teaching about writing and reading can be a little boring to our students, so add some fun games and keep it exciting and fun!

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech for younger learners

To help get our students interested in reading, pick something that will interest them, like Harry Potter, for a popular book series.

Here are many games that could go along with reading Harry Potter

Improve Reading Fluency by Using iPods & Teaching with Technology

Social Studies

Try and use technology to bring History and geography alive!

This could be used for a 50 states project

You get to be the president! A fun way to learn about the executive branch

Learning about wars, make it interactive


Find fun resources to help students to dig deeper in science

Learn more about Mars


Learn about different scientist, could be fun for a project!

Helpful Hints

Creating Quizzes and Polls

Here is a video if you want to make your own page!
It's very easy and a great way to use less paper!!

Smore makes pretty web pages... no coding required