Wish I Might

By: Macy Fabry


It’s a sparkling, magical summer for fourteen year old Willa Havisham. Its July on Cape Cod and Willa isn't so happy about her boyfriend, Joseph, being away all summer at baseball training camp. With Willa’s best-friend’s Tina and Ruby ratting her out lately, Willa wonders what the summer will bring. It turns out there are plenty of surprises in store! For one, there's been a mermaid sighting. There's also a boy named Will who claims to be her long-lost brother, and thinks there long-lost dad may still be alive. He shares Willa's sea-blue eyes, but Willa wonders what secrets he's hiding and what this news will mean for her famous wedding planner mother... It's going to be a summer filled with fireworks for sure!


Willa Havisham

- 14 years old

- long brown hair

- loves to read

- very sympathetic

- intelligent girl

William Havisham

- 16 years old

- short brown hair

- loves food

- not very intelligent

- sea blue eyes

Point of View

First Person Point of View

Example: The book talks in the 'I' perspective.

Figurative Langauge

Example: "It was a fine day. The trees swayed like dancers lost in reverie. As they waltzed the afternoon away the breeze continued to wind its mournful tune.
Example: "The darkness threw itself upon the land with a sigh of relief."


Sometimes you need to fall before you can fly.