History of Motiratika

An African myth by: Andrew Lang


this myth is s about a mother who is much to self centered and has to many demands. her husband has grown tired of this and wants her to serve him for once and requires her to retrieve the freshest water possible. the "loving" wife goes to fetch the water from one of the first spring she finds. little did she know, an ogre owns the swamp. The ogre requires payment for stealing from her. the mother offers her first born son as payment and this forces Motiratika to find ways to save his own life.


The history of the this myth started in Kenya. Villages in Africa storytelling as a part of ancient traditions. They use these myths and fables to teach the younger children lessons about kindness and treating people the right way.

orges like the one in Motiratika, are said to originate from Kenya. In the story the ogre is trying to eat the little boy but, he out samrted her. In many African myths such as this one fictional characters are used as the antagonist to represent real people and real problems.