Her life in hiding

Anne Frank

Sunday March 15, 1915

Today was the most terrifying day! I just found out my dad is going to leave his job! Just because of a guy called Hitler. Ugh, It makes me so mad!!!!! But, again, it makes me scared. I mean, where will we live? What will we live out of? I cannot leave my cat here, alone! Who will take of it? Who, oh, who?


I am more calm now. Now I can talk. I overheard mother and father talking. I couldn't exactly make out what they were saying. But I heard the words “moving to my

ex workplace. Is father INSANE? The nazis know where we live. We cannot outsmart them.

Tuesday March 17, 1915

Dear kitty,

We have officially moved into the Secret Annex. That's how I shall call it. I will tell Margot for she is my sister. My only sister.

Thursday March 19, 1915

A family moved in with us. There's a couple with a son. They're called the Van Daans. The guy is named Peter. He's kind of cute. He brought his cat. It reminds me of mine.:)


I have learned something today in dinner. I do NOT like the Van Daans. Mrs. Van Daan

Likes to criticize me at dinner about how I am being raised ( hey Peter is worse than me, you'll see why after I'm done with Mr. Van Daan). Mr. Van Daan treats me like a baby and teases for every little thing. That makes me so mad! And finally Peter. Let me tell that Peter is shy and L A Z Y!!!!! I still can't believe I have a crush on him.

Even later,

Miep brought us food. She brought us beans, peanuts, meat and water.


It's been almost two months. Peter's cat brought us fleas. We can't even take a bath because we've used up way to much electricity. So the electricity will be cut off for 2 weeks.

It's such nice weather outside!! I long to outside. I wish this war would END FOREVER! As long as this exists, this sunshine and cloudless sky, how can I be sad?