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From the Desk of Mrs. Wagner

October 8, 2021

Each month the staff participates in a faculty formation called School of Faith. This allows us time to collaborate as Catholics and deepen our relationship with Christ. Today we unpacked Genesis 1:26 "Then God said: Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness." As we looked for a deeper meaning in this verse, we discussed the personal pronouns used: us, our. These pronouns are meaningful as it explains that God created us with the Holy Trinity intentionally making us one family.

At Holy Cross, we are visibly one family and it is seen in our actions and words. The one-family mindset is nothing new in our community. From the founders, alumni, and current families, the precedent was set that we are a united family grounded in our faith. This past week, the Holy Cross community came together on two separate occasions displaying that family is what is most important.

Our current school and parish community rallied around the Alvarez family last weekend and this week as we welcomed the three boys back into the building after the loss of their father. We discussed the emotion of compassion and the valuable life lesson of sympathy for others. All our students showed their compassion and sympathy, but what brought tears to our eyes was the 8th-grade students giving up their hard-earned tickets to create a Joshua fund in order to show how much he is loved. They did this all on their own. A true display that we are one family.

Coincidentally, this week was also our annual golf tournament for Jack Weitkamp, a former Holy Cross father, and parishioner. Both current and former community members come out each year in support of the loss of this family member. What a great example we set for our children about being compassionate and displaying our support for loved ones. Both events show our love for one another and that we are truly one family.

This Thursday at our All School Mass, Father Oswaldo explained in his homily the importance of praying the rosary. During the month of the rosary, he assigned homework for each student. The students are to challenge their families to pray the rosary at least once each week during the month of October. I have listed family rosary ideas below and provided a link to the School of Faith daily rosary meditations that can easily be played in the car or after dinner each night. If your family completes this assignment, please email me as I will award your child(ren) an out-of-uniform pass. This is a great reminder that we can support each other in various ways, but the best way we can support each other is through the power of prayer. Let's continue to pray for our families that are suffering or experiencing loss and continue to display the virtue of compassion.

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September Fruit of the Spirit Award Recipients: Love

We all know that our students have displayed the virtue of love this quarter and we are so proud of their efforts. The staff nominated the following students for going above and beyond. Pictured left to right:

Asher, Yandel, Emmett, Sophia, Joey, Miriam, Hendrix, Brooklyn, Malea, Lindsay, Lily, Jax, Nicholas, and Alyssa

We can't wait to see who is spreading joy in the month of October!

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Field Trips Resume

Kindergarten and First Grade were able to go on their first field trip together. It was a great experience learning all about the plant life cycle and being able to spend time together all while staying safe throughout the process. God is good!
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