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Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt Fashion


Have you ever heard about the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt fashion? Well, I will be talking about clothing of The Priests and The Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, The Chiton and weaving in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek fashion was very pretty. Clothing was worn to make the person more attractive or to identify his or her importantance. It was closely pleated and had wide false sleeves. In Ancient Greece, women made their own clothing. They did not get their clothing from a store like modern women. Women would weave cloth by standing or sitting up right on wooden looms. Women would use wooden looms to tease out tangled wool before they started to spin it. A Chiton is a long wooden tunic for all Ancient Greek people. A Chiton was made of wool, cotton, linen, or silk. The Ionic Chiton was made of a lighter material.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a little bit different than Ancient Greece. Clothing styles changed little during this long period of history. During the Old and Middle Kingdoms, women wore tight, straight sheath dresses. The priests of Ancient Egypt dressed in tunics and kilts of bleached white linen. Important priests draped leopard skins over their linen garments.

Pharaohs wore tight-fitting armored coats made of leather with protective metal or bone panels. They wore this because when they are at war, they have to protect themselves. Pharaohs wore a crown called a Khepresh-decorated with a serpent at the front. A Khepresh was an ancient Egyptian royal headdress. It is also known as the blue crown or war crown.


Ancient Greeks and Egyptians went barefoot, also they wore jewelry. Clothes in both civilizations were white. However, at times people would add color with dye. Fashion in Ancient Greece and Egypt was important and practical.