Unit 5 Government

The Legislative Branch

Public Opinion & Votes

Interest Groups

Interest groups are lobbyists who send representatives to pressure Congress and other policymakers to enact legislation favorable to its causes. The lobbyists can talk with the media, along with government officials to help draft legislation.

Political Parties

The lawmaking functions of Congress are important to a democracy by the public becoming a public policy. The legislative branch can significantly affect the power of the governing party by employing a series of checks and balances.


State legislative caucuses and agencies increasingly are using social media such as the television and internet to reach out to constituents, but the sites can raise questions for the government because it could conflict with their policies.

State & Local Governments

In the Tenth Amendment, all powers not granted to the federal government are for the states. All state governments are modeled after the federal government and consist of the same three branches. It's made up of elected representatives, the governor and the members to create legislation that becomes law. The legislature also approves a state's budget and initiates tax legislation and articles of impeachment.

By: Madison & Sydney