Mrs. G's Newsletter

October 13, 2016

Middle of October


Chapter 3 is moving along. We have been working with multiplication and division in this chapter. Please work with your student on these facts at home. We learned about the parts of multiplication and division equations, how to use a multiplication chart, and how to create a factor rainbow. We will be concluding this chapter next week!


We have been really getting in to drafting our realistic fiction stories. I am very excited for how these are turning out!


We have been reexamining characters through making inferences based on dialogue, exact action, and character's thoughts. This has helped us as writers as we learn how to incorporate these things in our writing!

Social Studies:

Last week we started our unit on Native Americans. We will be wrapping this up early next week before we begin learning about our explorers!

Character Word:

Our Character Word of the Week this week is initiative. We have defined taking initiative as being the first to do what is right.

Reminder: A small note on headphones!

Please make sure your student has a pair of headphones at school for the Chrome Books. I know Five and Below has headphones for $5 and the Dollar Tree has earbuds for $1!

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