Rock Hyrax

Procavia Capensis


all animals are a part of kingdom animalia

most ingest and digest with an internal cavity

there are 9 to 10 million animal species around the world


there are 5000 species n the class mamalia divided into 26 orders

mamals can be found on all 7 continents all the oceans and many islands!

mammals have evolved to live in everything from dry deserts to wet rainforests


all vertabrata contain a vertebrate

the vertebrae replaces the notochord as the cheif stiffener

muscles are attached to endoskeleton which allow movement which is why plants can't dance


Rock hyrax


all cholrdata have a notochord

a notochord is a rod-like structure made of tissue or bone that extends most of the body length

all chordata have bilateral symmetry


weight 3.6-4 KG


lenghth 305-550 MM


brownish tan


mostly leoapards


Mostly africa and rocky mounds


PHYSICAL:sharp vampire-like incisors

tan-like fur to blend in with the dry ground

big pupils to see in the dark

sharp shovel-like claws to dig

all claws are shaped like hooves for fastmovement through the african rock filled mounds

BEHAVIORAL:They often stay up in high rocky cliffs so leopards and other predator's are unable to attack

mostly move at night to avoid predators

move in packs so that predators can only pick off 1 or 2

dig underground to avoid predators

"Clans" are lead by one dominant male that is smarter and stronger than the others


grasses, herbs, and leaves


populate most of africa or the western middle east
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some species vulnerable

generally common

Creature Features

blunt snout

grayish brown fur

short ears

Life span

about 15 years