Novio Boy

Gary Soto


Rudy a ninth grader is going to go on a date with Patricia a 11th grader. He is going to take her to take her to a fancy place. He does not have enough money to pay so gets money from his mom. At the restaurant they have a grate time and have fun.


Inner conflict: Man vs. Self because he does not have confidents on him self.

Evidence: Rudy: What am I going to tell her.

External conflict: Man vs. Man because his mom was not okay with Rudy dating some one older.

Evidence: Rudy: Mom level with me , I'm a teenager now.


My favrite quote was the part when he was reading a note at his date.


Primping: To dress or adorn with carefulness. Preen, Prettify, Prink.

Daring: Adventures courage. Audacity, Bravery, Brave.

Gorges: An obstructing mass. Defile, Ravine, Notch.