Healthy Frozen Yogurt

When you are reaching for a cool snack during the hot summer days, you can steer clear of traditional ice cream and reach for a tasty healthy frozen yogurt snack instead. Frozen yogurt during the summer is the perfect alternative to ice cream. It is a cool and delicious treat, but it is the healthier option long-term. Frozen yogurt might not be quite as health as regular yogurt, but it is still packed with minerals and nutrients that make it preferable to ice cream. Choosing the frozen yogurt options with less sugar is the healthiest option for you. Different varieties of frozen yogurt have different amounts of sugar and calories, so you can choose your options based on your needs. No matter which variety you choose, healthy frozen yogurt can help you cut back on calories during the summer months. To know more visit http://en.letsseewhatworks.com/

Healthy Alternative

Frozen yogurt is normally seen as the heathier alternative to ice cream. Not only is it lower in calories and sugar, but it also offers enzymatic benefits. This means that frozen yogurt can also help you with any digestion issues that you may be dealing with. There is still fat and sugar in frozen yogurt, but it can still be healthy option that you choose to help you cut calories and lose weight. If you are lactose intolerant, you can eat frozen yogurt and not have to worry about the stomach issues that ice cream offers. Ill effects of frozen yogurt are not as apparent as they are with ice cream.

Benefits from Choosing Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt contains protein and has much less fat content than traditional ice cream. Ice cream has almost 18% of fat content, which is substantially higher than frozen yogurt. Choosing fat free frozen yogurts is an option for you if fat content is a concern, but these low fat alternatives normally are sweetened with more sugar as result.

How is it Made?

Frozen yogurt is so unique from traditional ice cream due to how it is made. It is fermented and live bacterial cultures of milk are present. These live bacteria have the ability to enter the body and offer many probiotic benefits. Frozen yogurt is made in similar fashion to ice cream, but yogurt is used as an alternative ingredient to the cream that is present in ice cream. The next time you feel a sweet craving coming on, you can get your fix with frozen yogurt. To learn more visit http://en.happycoffee.org/