The Packets of Sugar

Be Healthy!

Healthy Drinks Vs. Non Healthy

Sodas and drinks that has alot of sugar in it is nice to drink, but have you thought that someday you will ask yourself "Is Soda Healthy?" It is good to drink soda Sometimes, yes I said SOMETIMES, you can live without having soda everyday. You can have fresh homemade smoothies or have some water sometimes not just soda.

Is Apple Juice healthy or not?

You can see allot of people like Apple Juice but you know how much sugar it has!?!? Apple Juice seems healthy but its not. You drink about 6.75 Grams of sugar in Sprite yeah it has that much of sugar in it but in the other hand look at Apple Juice it has about 16.5 of sugar inside the drink! That is enough to stay awake for 2 hours! Well... Not literally 2 hours.
Calories quiz

Important! If your a kid, just guess number seven because you do not need to learn the answer.