Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

Whew, what a week....the week went smooth due to everyone pulling together and pitching in. Thanks to Mr. Harness for organizing and getting everything set.

Week at a Glance: May 21-25

Specials A Week


2nd Grade PLC

4th Grade Advanced Math Test

4th Grade Instrument Selection during Specials

1:15-1st Grade Meet with Dr. Henry

3:30-Raccoon TRACKS-Gym


Kinder-Working Numbers (Library) Begins promptly at 7:30

2nd, 3rd, 4th Field Day

1st Grade Math Checkpoint


PK, Kinder, 1st grade Field Day

2nd Grade Science Checkpoint

3:30- Ms. Pizzo's Wedding Shower


3rd Grade PLC-Placement

7:30-11:30-Wes, Costales, and Guerra at WMLS Traning

3rd and 4th Grade Science Checkpoint

Kinder Switch Specials with 4th grade

9:00-Attendance Incentive on the Patio-All grade levels

11:00-4th Grade GT Expo

1:00-Kinder Fun in the Sun


4th Grade PLC-Cryar Visit

Parent Appreciation Breakfast

Wild About Reading Presentation during Specials

11:30-Buckalew Appreciation Lunch in the Lounge

2:00 & 2:30-Rice Way Pep Rally

Big picture

Notes from Malinda


Please remember that we only box items after school hours and on conference. Boxes should be put in a discreet location of the room. Students can not be used to pack classrooms.


These need to be in the Google doc by Wednesday. If a student is absent after this date, please let Celina know and we can pull the Perfect Attendance Award.

Staff Birthdays