Charlie Gordon

Belem Zapata Ramirez -6

Direct Characterization

Appearance 37 years old

Action He took a lot of tests after his operation

Words" Everyone was laughing at me"

Thoughts/Feelings "I had a test today. I think I failed"

Relationship with other He didn't like the mouse because he always beat him all the time

Indirect Characterization

Appearance American guy that has brown eyes and hair

Actions He always lost the races that he did with the mouse because he hated the mouse

Words "Some people would say hey look at Joe he really pulled out a Charlie Gordon " he didn't really know that his "friends" were really making fun of him

Thoughts/Feelings He didn't like taking test because he thought they were dumb because he also tried to see a picture but all he seen is ink on a paper and didn't like to races with to do mazes with the mouse because he always won mostly all of them

Relationship with others He didn't like Dr. strass because he thinks that he not helping him get smarter by always giving him things to do so he could get smarter like leaving the T.V on while he was sleeping and always asking him is he see the picture, the races with mouse