The Game

Made by- Terry Schott (Action) (Suspense)

Book Review

  • The game is about a teenage boy who enters a virtual reality simulation trying to become ranked #1.
  • I thought the book was action packed with very little boring parts.
  • I would recommend people of all ages to read it.
  • Strengths and weaknesses...

About The Author

  • Place born, Full name, History of being an author, Other books that might be notable, Awards won.

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Main Characters

  • Zack (Trew) Is a protagonist with lots of energy and athletic and academic skill
  • Angelica (Danni) is a protagonist who shares an odd amount of the same characteristics as Trew
  • Carl, Raphael, And Michelle are eternals, well at least Raphael and Michelle are...
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Moments of Impact

  • Trew meets Danni for the first time inside a karate dojo.
  • Trew finds Danni unconscious on the floor of their house.
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What makes this book great.

  • The never ending suspense.
  • Words used that cause imagery in your head
  • Quotes and sayings that make you stop and think about it.
  • Variety of characters and setting.