Kindergarten News

Mrs. Ross' Class

Week 20: January 25-29

Reading: We are working on making connections as we read. We can make text to self, text to text, or text to world connections.

Writing: We are working on "How-To" writing. We are making sure we are using the words first, next, then and last.

Math: We are beginning a new math unit of counting to 100. We can count by ones, tens, or start at any given number.

Word Work: We are learning about vowel pairs.

Sight Words: Review all kinder sight words

1st grade words: where, was, she, he, by, big, with

PBIS Skill: We will begin our February Kind Minds Challenge!


Don't Forget..

*100th Day of School: February 4th *I can't wait to see everyone's 100 day shirts with 100 items of the same thing (ex: stickers, letters, pom poms, etc. Please ask me if you have questions!)

Thank you for sending in your 100th day snacks!

*PJ Day: Wednesday, February 3rd

*Barnes and Noble Book Fair: Saturday, February 6th

*Save the Date: Field Trip to the Houston Zoo March 29th (more info. to come later)