Barbers Hill HS Library Report

April 2016

Circulation Statistics

Total items circulated:

Breakdowns for type of items and type of patrons are linked below:

April 2016 Circulation Statistic Breakdown

Individual students served by the library

1094 total individual students were served by the library during the month of April 2016.

Breakdowns for time of day and reasons for library visits are linked below. These results are measuring walk-ins only and are dependent upon students completing a check-in survey when entering the library.

Individual students served in April 2016.

Classes served by the library

12 classes were served by the library during the month of April.

The following teachers came to the library with their classes:

  • Andrus - Brave New World & Frankenstein check out
  • Lowery / Talbott - Animal Farm check out
  • 10th grade English teachers - Night check out
  • Pinion - Science book clubs
  • Guarnere - The Great Gatsby check out
  • Rinando / Taylor Research
  • Andrus - Research

Breakdowns for classes served by the library by date and reason for visit are linked below.

Classes served by the library in April 2016.

NON-Library usage and closures

Non-library usage of the library during the month of April 2016 include:

  • Strategy Club (every Tuesday @ 3)
  • NHS officer meeting
  • NHS members meeting
  • Faculty meeting
  • LIFT (every Friday @7)
  • Book Club
  • Representative Wayne Faircloth Awards Ceremony
  • StuCo meeting
  • Earth Day presentations
  • Hosting displaced students during ACT testing

Library calendar showing non-library usage and closures for the month of March 2016.

Workroom tasks completed by library staff

  • Cataloging / Processing / Repairing of Books / Periodicals / Media / Equipment: 268 items
  • Continued to handle circulation of laptops, cameras, and camcorders for teachers and students
  • InterLibrary Loans (ILLs) facilitated to and from BHHS Library: 1
  • Check the Twitter and Instagram accounts below for the library's social media presence for the month of April 2016
  • Updated library website, NHS website, Book Club website, and Strategy Club website
  • Created and maintained several book displays: Instacram, Book it to the Beach, What We Read in the Shadows, Weekend all Booked, Forgotten Classics, Readbox, Book Club

Library Stats - April 2016

Top Patron - Katlyn Lee

Top Homeroom - Mrs. Talbott

Top Fiction title - The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

Top Nonfiction title - Hazardous Waste by Keith McGowan

Top Graphic novel / Manga title - Hunter x Hunter 23 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Books checked out today - 1647
  • overdue - 199

Unpaid fines - 306

  • Amount due - $1043.05

Student Aides and Parent / Community Volunteers

Student library aides - 9

Parent / Community volunteers for April, 2016 - 1

Jennifer E. Jones

Third year librarian at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, TX.