Rose Abbot and Her Titanic Story

By: Lainie LaFountain

Passenger's Personal Information

  • Her name is Mrs Rhoda Mary Abbott.
  • Her birthday is January 14, 1873.
  • She was 39 years old when she boarded the Titanic.
  • She was traveling with her sons Eugene (13) and Rossmore (16). Her sons sadly died...

The Ship

  • The ship was 882 feet long.
  • The ship had nine decks.
  • It had four huge funnels.
  • The anchors weighed 31 tons each.
  • The ship carried enough food to feed a small village for months.
  • Some of its nicknames were "the Millionaires' Special," " the Wonder Ship," "the Unsinkable Ship," and "the Last Word in Luxury"
  • Rhoda was traveling in 3rd class and Rhoda's ticket was $40

Life After The Titanic

  • Rhoda lived in st Albanshurst, England.
  • Rhoda was a wife, a mother of 2 teens, and she was a solder of the salvation army.
  • Rhoda died on Monday February 18, 1946.