When we became friends

The first day

The first day of kindergarten, everyone gets nervous. We definitely were nervous! We remember thinking about how scary it was going to be, to us it was like going out into the world.

ABBIE- It was my first day, I was so nervous. I was scared and I didn't have any friends. I was just sitting there minding my on business and coloring my picture, when a crying girl and her mom walked up to me "Here sit with Abbie". I remember her sitting down beside me and me passing the crayons to her.

LANEY- I was crying and Abbie was coloring. I remember I got my mom to walk me in, as I was walking in I was crying and Abbie was coloring. I remember my mom told me to sit down beside this little girl, little did I know that she would turn out to be one of my lifelong friends.

Life isn't as scary when you have someone to experience it with.

Always talk to people and try to make friends because you never know how much they can impact your lives.

We are still there to support each other and help each other with problems.