Solar System Unit

Text Set

Picture Book

Floca, B. (2009). Moonshot: The flight of Apollo 11. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Use this poetic, informational picture book to introduce the solar system to your 6th graders! Use this as a read aloud introduction to learning characteristics of the solar system and the moon.

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Informational Text

S. (n.d.). Dynamical systems theory enhances knowledge of Jupiter's atmosphere. Retrieved March 02, 2016, from

Use this article to teach about Jupiter's characteristics. This article is also great to show that science includes constant research, and that scientists are always learning new things!

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Web-Based Resource

Visit this website to teach about planets, starts and moons. Could be used in a lesson, or for students to access during a research project!

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This graphic novel could be used to teach about Mars in a fun and creative way! Students will be engaged in the pictures and story, wile learning about Mars and its characteristics.

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The Solar System Song