Creating a google site

For Mary

Step Two: Sign into your google account

Step Three: Create a google site

While signed into your account, copy and paste the following link OR go to icon in top right column and scroll down until you see "sites":

For tutorials on setting up a site, see links below:

Step Four: Upload your documents to your GOOGLE drive

In order to upload documents to your site, you must first upload the documents to your google drive and then share them (by making them public).

For information on how to upload documents to your google drive, see the following links:

Make sure that when you upload a document, that you click on the link that says "Share" and then scroll down to click on "advanced." When the next screen pops up, you must make the document public. If the document is not public, then others won't be able to access it on your site.

Step Five: Create a Page on your site.

While on your google site, click on the icon (far right) that says "create page".

Name your page.

Click on "Create"

When next screen pops up, click on "insert" and then go to 'drive' and 'documents'.

Click on the document you want to put on your site.

Then click on Save.