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It's Time To Start Thinking About FAFSA!

If you have not done so, you need to create your FSA ID- One for parents and one for the student. The FSA ID is the first step in getting your Federal Student Aid processed. Click HERE for a video description of the process, then go to - select 'create FSA ID' and follow the steps. Simple! Be sure that students fill out their own information! Parents may help, but may not do it for them. And then parents, make sure you create yours as well.

Not as familiar with how the FAFSA process works? Check out THIS VIDEO for more information. Want still more information? See a PDF file HERE for a brochure on Federal Student Aid.

Save the Date! Coming up on February 16th is the FAFSA Frenzy night at RayPec High School. We will have computers set up and knowledgeable representatives available to assist you step by step in order to fill out the necessary FAFSA information.
Watch for more information as we get closer.
Go To College Music Video (with FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA!)

College Reps Coming

Here is a list of the Colleges that will be visiting in the month of JANUARY. If your student would be interested in visiting with a College Rep, they need to come into the Senior Office and sign up BEFORE the day of the visit. Passes will be distributed only to those students who sign up ahead of time. Students may also sign up at:

1/6 Airforce, Lunch Visit- no sign up needed

1/6 Airforce 1pm (sign up for presentation in Library)

1/7 Army, Lunch Visit- no sign up needed

1/12 Marines, Lunch Visit- no sign up needed

1/13 Army Reserves, Lunch Visit- no sign up needed

1/14 Missouri Southern State University 9am

1/21 Navy, Lunch Visit- no sign up needed

Senior Timeline

January – February-Apply for Scholarships

___ File your taxes ASAP; the FAFSA becomes live on January 1. Make sure you created your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.

___ Submit your FAFSA as soon as you can whether you think you qualify for aid or not. This is important for scholarship and financial aid programs, and many awards are on a “first come first serve basis.” The FAFSA is one of the requirements for the A+ program. The Missouri deadline for the FAFSA is April 1. GO TO:

___ Keep copies of all FAFSA information for your file.

___ Attend the FAFSA FRENZY in February. Staff members and experts will help you file your FAFSA. For more information and details go to or select 'College Financial Aid' and then 'FAFSA Frenzy'.

___ Plan, prepare, and take ACT/SAT in the spring. If you have already taken the ACT several times, visit with your counselor and your parents to decide if it is appropriate for you to take in the Spring.

___ Continue to apply for scholarships listed on the RP Seniors page under the Scholarships tab.

___ Don’t let ‘senioritis’ interfere with your post-secondary goals! Stay strong and work hard throughout the second semester.