Grades For School

Are They Really Necessary?

Are grades a way to show intelligence

Most schools take tests to show how intelligent the school is as a whole, But what if the school puts a different label on a well educated child?

What they need to know

A lot of schools don't realize that once you put a label on a school or student it can knock their future out of alignment. You can have a well educated student in a uneducated school/environment.

What schools tell us

Most schools say that education is the key to life, the one thing you need to be successful in life, but it is not the education that we receive, its the test scores that decide out future in life, the test scores are the things that can decide if a student is educated or has learn anything in his previous classes. Every time the question "Why do we have to learn this?" Comes up. We are told by directors and school boards "you'll need it when you get older." but what if you failed that test and this test and you know the material? your not considered educated your considered uneducated because of you exam results.

Why they tell us

We are told all of that because the only way to get anywhere in life is test results and it brings good things in for the school. The test results are to show what you have retained in the previous section. And that is not exactly true some kids may not do well on tests but can figure out a problem on the homework in less than a second. It shouldn't matter what your test grades are like, what should matter is if you can use the education to make a better life.
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word


After all of this has been said and proven most schools still don't believe it and still try to persuade that test results are the best but in reality it just hurts a student not help them.