San Gabriel Arcangel

By Theresa Perez

Mission History

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was built in 1771 and closed in 1921. San Gabriel Arcangel was the 4th mission. The Chumash and Tongva were the both Indian by The founder of the mission was Frays Cambon Somera. On September 1771 Frays Combon Somera found the 4th mission. In 1812 an earthquake dropped the bell tower. It's located in Montebello hill.

Daily life at the mission

The Tongva lived in the mission. Junipero Serra was in charge of the mission. The Indians were doing all the work. The jobs they did are grow crops ,plowed,bwomen made blankets, baskets, bowls, cook and made candles. The men worked on ranchos. The crops that were grown were corn, wheat, barely, garbanzo beans, cotton, onions, garlic, tomatoes, chile, and melons. There was no school and there was a church. There was free time after done chores.

Pictures and illustrations

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Mission today

The San Gabriel Mission is still open. There's no field trips. There's also a church and no



Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

By Alice B. McGinty

copyright 1995