Reading Department Meeting

Superintendent's Conference Day Meeting 2015-2016

Welcome - Introductions, Updates, and Celebrations

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1. Find a picture on your phone that represents an important part of your summer.

2. Mingle and share it with 5 people.

3. Return to your seat when the lights flicker

4. Introduce yourself and your picture

5. Email me your picture and a short blurb for future newsletters to help keep our summer alive!

Summer Academy Update

Teaching Channel Group Update

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Areas of Focus/Goals Brainstormed for 2015-2016

  • Examine the resources we use across the district to maximize their effectiveness
  • Using Student Data Notebooks
  • APPR - rubric
  • Ongoing: Use of the Teaching Channel platform for collaboration/reflection
  • K-12 Arctic
  • Comprehension Collegial Circle

  • LLI additional training

  • DRA protocols

  • Kinder-readers

SLOs 2015-2016

- APPR negotiations may make use of SLO data unnecessary.

1. Please give the SLO for your groups in grades 3-6 - (you may want to hold off on this).

2. Organize by group, alphabetically.

3. Inter-office mail to me

4. I will house them. If we need them, we will get them and grade them, and use them for APPR purposes.

PDP Courses - Mandated Collegial Circle - 2 Hours Attendance - Dates TBA

Teach Teams PDP Opportunity

Materials Wish List

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ELA Scope & Sequence

Meeting Dates & Times for 2015 & 2016