All About Me!!!!!!!


Hello! Im Aidan.K. I'm in 3rd grade. I'm 8 years old.Let me tell you about me...

Meet My Famliy

I live with my 2 cats,sister,mom,and dad.My 2 cats are very fat but i can't see how they're so fast.My sister is 11 years old.She hates 6th grade.My dad made the treadmill work. My mom is a teacher at JKB. My famaliy is so cool.

My Favorite Things To Do

Me and my sister play video games,play with toys,and go to the park. Mom and dad sit and be lazy on weekends. The cats play run up the stairs as fast as you can and the family sit's on one tiny couch.

What We Do For Summer

We go swimming at the pool. It's awesome to do. We go into the back yard and eat hot dogs for lunch. We have sleepovers at are grandparents. It's so fun.

SCHOOL!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not like school. It's horrible. All you do is sit and sit and learn. Why do we have school?Except pup party!! !Why school why tell me universe!!! Tell me!!!

Friends At School

My friends are,Scott,Jackson,Haven,John Roy,Mason,Matthew,Chase,Nathan,and Leyton and Luke. We play at school. You don't want to know what we do. Here is a group picture. I have two teachers at school.

Goals To Do At Home And School

School goals,don't get calendar signed the entire year. Home goals,clean the entire house.

Things To Do In My life...

I try to attack my sister but it fails. Video games and play lizhrd people. We toss a soccer ball in the game room and just have FUN!!!!!

An Event I Have Done

Clothes Line Fair

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 9:45-10am

Prairie Grove, Arkansas, United States

Prairie Grove, AR

It's an epic fair. You can buy all this cool stuff. You can go there. But the date is wrong. It's always Labor Day weekend.

What I Like

You can see the picture I put up. It's...war! Well that's not just what i like. I also like all this cool stuff not just war.

Now You Know Some Parts Of Me

Thank you,for seeing this slide Aidan