Child's Pull Toy

by: Trey Hill


Yellow snake that wiggles as your pulling it around with you. It's compatible with kids ages 1-10.Instructions for its use- 1. You lay it on the ground2. You put your finger inside the circle attached to the string3. You pull it as it follows you aroundNeed for society-Its purpose is to become a best friend with a young child, and to always roll around with them.Safety Consideration-1. Don't put it in your mouth2. Don't throw at people3. Don't tear the string off

Design Efforts

Materials List

Hand Saw- $18.97 , 15in , Home Depot, use to cut the wood in the shape of a snake .

Drill- $30.46 , 3/8in , Home Dept , used to drill the nails in the keep the wheels stable

Nails- $6.57 , 1-1/4in , Home Depot, used to go in the wheels so they can become attached

to the snake

String- $2.57 , 420ft , Home Depot , used to pull the toy around.

Caster- $4.47 , 2in, Home Depot, used so the toy can roll around

Tool and machine list

  1. 4 nails
  2. Drill
  3. Hand Saw
  4. String
  5. Caster

Production Flow Chart

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Made Product

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