The Revolution

When the world changed... Written by Joshua Foster

Industrial Revolution

You wake up at 6:00 Am go to a workhouse or factory and do the same thing all day, cramped around lots of people and some of them could have been sick. Then you go home around 6:00 Pm and from the whole week with 12 hour days you get 3 to 4 dollars. The industrial revolution was a major turning point in the society. No child labors were in act so children as young as 5 were working in factories or workhouses. The poor were put into workhouses with terrible conditions. If one of them were sick no one would help them and they would spread their sickness with whoever was in the cramped workhouse. Diseases were spreading because the sewage system ran into their rivers, which they got their water from. Many bad things happened but some good things happened with the arising of the middle class and more jobs. But with good and bad the industrial revolution in 1790 changed the world!
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New Inventions and their Creators

Henry Ford-was an inventor that improved the production of the assembly line and mass production of automobiles. Because of Henry Fords mass production his automobiles were more affordable and made faster. The supply and demand of automobiles made it where more and more people had automobiles.

Eli Whitney-invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin was much easier at producing cotton than slaves because it could removes seeds faster than a person could. The cotton gin increased the production of cotton.

Samuel F.B. Morse-invented the telegraph and co invented Morse code. With the telegraph you could talk to people from long distances. The Morse code is a way of talking on the telegraph with dots and dashes. You can communicate with friends, family, etc...

Child Labor

Before the 1940's when child labor laws were not created, these children worked in agriculture, home-based assembly operations, factories, mining and in services such as newsies. Some children worked shifts that could last up to 12 hours. child labor in the world decreased from 25% to 10% between 1960 and 2003.
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The Assembly Line

The assembly line was an invention that helped mass produce items and goods. The assembly line brought good and bad but it definitely was part of the industrial revolution. The assembly line was about 2 times faster than what one person could do. You only had to do one job unlike handmade products where you had to make the whole thing. If you were the owner you had to pay more people but the products would be less price so more people would buy them. The assembly line definitely helped changed the world we know today.
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