Industrial Revolution


Our Jobs

The Industrial Revolution has brought many things along with it. It has made new work for us and it has taken work from us. These new machines have taken over work for many forcing many workers to work in factories. Since machines are becoming more used for work today, What will happen to our jobs? There is no new work that involves us to work by hand anymore, and there is no new work that involves experienced intelligence.

Interesting Facts

-The Industrial Revolution lasted for 164 years.

-It was caused by people trying to find ways to increase production of food and goods.

-Britain was where the Industrial Revolution started.

-The steam engine is one of the most important inventions from this time.

-After Industrialization production began to grow quickly, continuing each year.

-The main idea of the Industrial Revolution was that machines were made.

-Before the Revolution, society was rural and made things by hand.

-There are still some countries that haunt experienced industrialization, they are called "Third World" countries.

-The Industrial Revolution was one of the most important things to happen in human history.

-They pay less to children and women then they pay to men.

Industrial Revolution