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Castle Hayne Elementary School Family Newsletter

Dates to Remember~

Monday, October 3rd - Kickoff of the PTA's Fall Fundraiser

Wednesday, October 5th - Teacher Workday - No School

Friday, October 14th - Fun Run Day

Thursday, October 20th - Wear orange National Bully Prevention Day

Monday, October 31st - Parent/Teacher Conferences - Teacher Workday - No School

What's Happening?


Hello families! In pre-k, we are having a great start to our school year! Right now, we are focusing on school routines and working together to create a class family environment for our students! We are learning each other's names and all about each other's families! Thank you to everyone for sending in your first family project!! It was very sweet to see each student stand up and talk about their families and the things they love. These will stay up in our classroom all year and we will return them at the end of the year! Our students have started jobs in our classrooms! We are proud of them for learning responsibility! Thank you to all of the parents that have signed up to connect with us via Teaching Strategies and Ready Rosie. We are excited to teach you more about both of these in the coming weeks! In October, we will begin our first "study" of investigation....information coming soon! Please enjoy a few pictures of our students from the first few weeks of school!


Kindergarten is in full swing this Fall. In Reading Fundamentals we just wrapped up our launching unit where we learned print concepts, how to choose books based on interest, and characteristics of fiction and nonfiction books. In Fundations we have learned the letter name, keyword, sound, and handwriting strokes for t, b, f, m, n, i, u, c, and o. We use the sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line to write all of our letters. Check out the Fundations writing paper in the resource section of your child’s F.I.S.H. binder. There your child can practice writing the letters above with a dry erase marker at home. There is also a handwriting resource in that section as well that you can read out loud to assist your child in forming the correct writing strokes on the paper. During our Heggerty lessons we have focused on recognizing rhyming word pairs, listening for the first sound of a word, blending syllables, identifying the last sound in a word, segmenting syllables, and changing the last part of a word to make a new one. We have completed our “Friend Journals” in Writers Workshop and have begun our first Writing Fundamentals Unit called, “How Writers Work”. In math we have learned how to count five objects, write numbers 0-5, name numbers 0-5, sort by different attributes, count sets in different arrangements (line, scattered, circular), and have begun exploring decomposing numbers. Since school began we have focused on learning our S.T.O.R.M. skills, and citizenship in Social Studies. Continue to review the S.T.O.R.M. skills with your child in the F.I.S.H. binder weekly together, review letter names and sounds daily, read with your child daily, and work on the skills from the first nine weeks progress report. Don’t forget to pack a filled water bottle and a snack in your child's backpack daily too. The pictures shown below from left to right: Kieran from Mrs. Johnson’s class displaying a crane he created out of recycled materials in the S.T.E.A.M. center, Loen, Grace, and Ashton building with cups during center time in Ms. Graham’s class, and a picture of one of our Social Studies Weekly assignments where students drew one of our school rules.

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1st Grade

In October first graders will be introduced to nonfiction texts. Students will compare fiction and nonfiction texts. We will continue to identify story elements in fiction books and learn about text features in nonfiction books. We will be incorporating Science into our Literacy time. We will start our unit in Molecular Biology by looking at what plants need to grow. We will do this by starting the month reading about apple trees. Students will complete an apple diagram and informational writing about apple trees. As we move throughout the month we will shift to talking about what animals need to survive. In Phonics students will begin Unit 2 in Fundations. Throughout this unit students will review short vowel sounds and make simple consonant-vowel-consonant words. Students will also be introduced to our first trick words in Fundations. In Math we will continue Module 1 (Counting, Comparing, and Addition). We are moving into Topic D. Students will learn how to make the same total in a variety of ways (10 is 2+8, 9+1, 6+4, etc.). We will continue to focus on the equal sign and compare various number sentences to see if they equal the same amount (8+2=6+3). Students will use strategies we have learned to solve the totals and compare the two expressions with a true/false statement.

2nd Grade

Team 2nd grade is off to a great start this school year! The students have been busy learning all the new routines and procedures. In class, students have been learning about the importance of responsibilities at school, at home, and in the community.

In math, students are continuing to learn about measurement. They have enjoyed using centimeter cubes, rulers, meter sticks, and measuring tapes to understand and compare lengths. This month we will focus on place value, counting, and comparing numbers within 1000.

In Literacy, we started with our Reading Fundamental Launch unit. In this unit, we will be focusing on establishing expectations, building routines, and helping students understand what readers “do” and why it’s important. We will also introduce students to skills and strategies that they can use when reading. Students will also look at the different genres, and learn how/why it is important to read text from each genre.

3rd Grade

3rd grade is busy beginning the year learning to form lowercase letters in cursive! We have also started division in math. In reading, we are diving into fiction! We can't wait to learn about the various sub genres of fiction. The students are excited about all of the new and exciting 3rd grade content!

4th Grade

In Reading students have been working on Making Inferences, finding the Theme of a Fiction story and the finding Main Idea/Writing Summaries for a Nonfiction text. We have also started a grade level novel study!

In Math students are working through Module 1. Students have be learning about Place Value, Rounding, Adding & Subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping, Estimation Word Problems, and Multiplicative Comparisons.

In Social Studies students have been learning about the 3 Regions in North Carolina(Coastal Plains, Piedmont, Mountain). They have looked closely at different landforms, waterways, famous people from that region, and why people might live in that region. Students will get to pick one of these regions to research then determine how they want to present this information to the class(3D model, PowerPoint, video). This is always a popular project for 4th graders.

5th Grade

In Math, we have been multiplying multi-digit numbers and are currently finding the quotients of four digit dividends and two-digit divisors. In Literacy, we have been making inferences using clues from the text and what we already know. We are currently in our fiction unit of study and have been analyzing characters and determining the different elements of the story in each text we have read. In Science, we have learned about physical and chemical changes and are currently learning about the different types of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. We will be headed to Masonboro Island on October 18th to experience the ocean ecosystem and learn about the marsh environment.

Mrs. Cervini - English as a Second Language

In ESL we have been busy since the start of school...

We have been taking time to get to know one another by sharing interests and recognizing strengths. Students have been expanding their vocabulary by choosing new vocabulary. In doing so, they created mini posters, connecting with the posters hanging in our school. They wrote their own rationale to explain why they chose such adjectives to best describe their own personality. We have also been learning about Hispanic Heritage since September 15th - October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. Students have enjoyed sharing about their own heritage and culture and created flags to represent their heritage. As we learn about cultures we have shared similarities, differences, being unique and how together our differences make our school complete!

Castle Hayne Celebrates Exceeding Growth! Still celebrating this HUGE accomplishment!

The NC Department of Public Instruction released school letter grades based on testing proficiency as well as Growth Indicators measured by EVAAS. Castle Hayne exceeded academic growth! Castle Hayne Elementary School is one of six schools in the county that exceeded growth and the only school in the county that went from not meeting growth to exceeding growth. Way to go Hurricanes!!!

Ms. Cleary, Art

The Art Room in September was focused on learning about the visual tools artists use to create art. We discussed the Elements of Art and experimented with LINES and SHAPES to create artworks.

K ~ Worked with 3 dimensional lines to create a fun park

1st ~ Used the shape of the triangle to create teepees in the desert plains decorated with a variety of line types.

2nd ~ Applied Line, Pattern and Design to create lively beach towels.

3rd ~ Created contemporary landscape paintings using line, pattern and design along with watercolor pencils to great success.

4th ~ Introduced to the contemporary artwork of LA based artist Jen Stark and created psychedelic OP art pieces inspired by her drip painting and murals.

5th ~ With slow steady careful observation the 5th grade drew the contour outline of their shoes to great success.

Safety is our TOP Priority - News from Nurse Ashley

Covid Guidelines

NHCS will be following the CDC's Operational Guidance for K-12 Schools

  • If your child tests positive for Covid please alert Nurse Ashley Leverrett (ext 71226).
  • Your child should stay home from school for five days from symptom onset (not positive test date).
  • Your child may return to school after their five day quarantine if they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication (tylenol, advil, etc.).
  • Please have your child wear a mask to school for five days once they return to school.

For more information, please visit:

Medications at School

  • If your child requires medication at school, please contact Nurse Ashley Leverrett (ext 71226) to obtain required forms.
  • ALL medications must be checked in with the nurse by a parent/guardian.

Diet Orders

  • If your student has a food allergy, please have your child's physician complete a NHC Diet Order Form.
  • Please return all completed Diet Order Forms to the Nurse's Office ASAP, so that cafeteria staff can be aware of the food allergy.

Cafeteria Message

This school year every student receives FREE breakfast and lunch. However, we will be utilizing My School Bucks to access your child's cafeteria account for any a al carte items. I have included a link to the website below as well as a link to the NHCS Child Nutrition Website. You can find more information regarding My School Bucks under the "Pre-Payment Options" link. If you do not wish to add money electronically via My School Bucks you are still able to send cash or check.

If you choose to bring cash or check to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their ID#, their teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.

Calendar Menus will be posted on the CHES Child Nutrition website monthly.

My School Bucks

NHCS Child Nutrition

The Cafeteria Staff at CHES look forward to serving you this year!

Girls on the Run

"Girls on the Run" had their first practice on September 27th. During the 10 week season the lessons will focus on the whole girl. Meeting in small teams, the trained volunteer coaches will inspire girls to build confidence and other important life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity. The lessons will also build social, emotional and physical skills in the girls while encouraging healthy habits for life. The season will end with a joyful and fun non-competitive 5K. This culmination gives girls a tangible sense of accomplishment and the confidence to be the author of her story.

Castle Hayne Elementary School PTA

It was so nice meeting so many of you at Open House. We are continuing our PTA Membership drive through the end of September. Please consider becoming part of the PTA by purchasing a $7 membership. The membership and CHES swag can be purchased here.

Please follow us on Facebook for upcoming events and information regarding the PTA.

Easy ways to support your PTA:

sign in with your login and password

choose your charity as: PTA North Carolina Congress Castle Hayne Elementary School PTA

Login to

under my account-

"Link your school below".

Enter Castle Hayne Elementary School in school search and select

PTA Annual Fun Run on October 14th!

The PTA will be hosting our Annual Fun Run and we ask that you invite family and friends to join us in helping raise funds! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year where proceeds will go to support educational materials & activities for our school.

Additionally, funds will support the CHES Service Project to

purchase picnic tables & benches for students to enjoy at recess.

Students will register on our FUN RUN event website at Students will have their own webpage to share with family & friends on social media and by email to request pledges and view how they much they’ve raised. Each student will run 30 laps on our outside fun run course. Sponsors can pledge per lap or with a flat donation. You can also donate by cash or check using the pledge sheet provided. Students can secure pledges from October 1 - 14, 2022.

This event will take place Friday, October 14th

Our goal is $25,000!


Pledge Sheets Due: Oct. 13, 2022

Fun Run: Oct. 14, 2022

Online Pledges due: Oct. 21, 2022

Winners Announced: Oct. 28, 2022

Thank you for your support, Castle Hayne Elementary School PTA

For questions:

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The Salvation Army of Cape Fear's Angel Tree Program

The website link to apply for Christmas assistance is You do not need an invitation code, only a valid zip code to enter the database. Families may apply for Christmas gifts for children ages 1 -12 years old, infants or children over 12 will not be accepted. Please read the following instructions to be sure you have all the documents you will need to complete the application.

Once your application is submitted, The Salvation Army staff will review and process your application. Unfinished or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Once your application is started, an e-mail will be sent with a link to re-open and complete applications; for security, you will need to enter your birthdate and zip code with the link. Please continue to monitor your e-mails once you have submitted an application. If you receive an e-mail asking for additional information, please return it quickly so it can be reviewed before the program reaches capacity and closes. Once application is approved, the Salvation Army staff will e-mail you with an appointment time for picking up your Angel Tree gifts in December.

To complete this application for the 2022 Angel Tree Program, you must have and will be instructed to upload the following REQUIRED documentation:

1. A valid, working e-mail address

2. A State or Government Issued photo ID of the person making the application

3. Birth Certificate(s) or Proof of Custody for children ages 1 – 12 years of age

4. Proof of Residency or Lease

5. Income and Expenses for budget section

6. Children's Clothing and Shoe Sizes

7. Gift Wish List and Needs

Applications will be accepted until October 28th, 2022 (or earlier, if the program reaches capacity). Children MUST live in your home and you must have custody to apply.

Families served by The Cape Fear Corps must live in New Hanover, Brunswick, Bladen, Pender or Columbus counties.

Gift requests cannot be guaranteed, all items are donated and wish lists will be filled as best as they can be.

Families may only sign up with one Christmas Agency please ensure your family is not signed up with another program.

If you have any questions or concerns with the online program, please call (910) 363-0076 for additional assistance.

Programa “Angel Tree” del Ejército de Salvación de Cape Fear

El enlace del sitio web para solicitar asistencia navideña es No necesita un código de invitación, sólo un código postal válido para ingresar a la base de datos. Las familias pueden solicitar regalos de Navidad para niños de 1 a 12 años, no se aceptarán bebés o niños mayores de 12 años. Lea las siguientes instrucciones para asegurarse de tener todos los documentos que necesitará para completar la solicitud.

Una vez que se envíe su solicitud, el personal del Ejército de Salvación revisará y procesará su solicitud. No se aceptarán solicitudes sin terminar o incompletas. Una vez que se inicie su solicitud, se le enviará un correo electrónico con un enlace para volver a abrir y completar las solicitudes; por seguridad, deberá ingresar su fecha de nacimiento y código postal con el enlace. Continúe monitoreando sus correos electrónicos una vez que haya enviado una solicitud. Si recibe un correo electrónico solicitando información adicional, devuélvalo rápidamente para que pueda revisarse antes de que el programa alcance su capacidad y cierre. Una vez que se apruebe la solicitud, el personal del Ejército de Salvación le enviará un correo electrónico con una cita para recoger sus regalos de “Angel Tree” en diciembre.

Para completar esta solicitud para el Programa “Angel Tree” 2022, debe tener y se le indicará que cargue la siguiente documentación REQUERIDA:

1. Una dirección de correo electrónico válida y en funcionamiento

2. Una identificación con foto emitida por el estado o el gobierno de la persona que realiza la solicitud

3. Acta(s) de nacimiento o prueba de custodia para niños de 1 a 12 años de edad

4. Prueba de residencia o contrato de arrendamiento

5. Sección de Ingresos y Gastos para el presupuesto

6. Tallas de ropa y zapatos para niños

7. Lista de regalos deseados y necesidades

Las solicitudes se aceptarán hasta el 28 de octubre de 2022 (o antes, si el programa alcanza su capacidad).

Los niños DEBEN vivir en su hogar y usted debe tener la custodia para presentar la solicitud. Las familias atendidas por el “Cape Fear Corps'' deben vivir en los condados de New Hanover, Brunswick, Bladen, Pender o Columbus.

Las solicitudes de regalos no se pueden garantizar, todos los artículos son donados y las listas de deseos se completarán de la mejor manera posible.

Las familias solo pueden inscribirse en una Agencia de Navidad. Asegúrese de que su familia no esté inscrita en otro programa.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud con el programa en línea, llame al (910) 363-0076 para obtener asistencia adicional.

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Lost and Found

Starting the school year by labeling all outerwear with your child's name makes it easier locating the owner of a found item. The LOST and FOUND box is already overflowing with jackets, sweatshirts, hats, lunchboxes and even water bottles. Please label everything so we can return the items back to their owners. If you child has lost something while at school, please have them stop by the Lost and Found box in front of the Media Center. Thank you!!

Ways to stay connected to your school!

  1. NHCS uses School Messenger to connect with families regarding district and school happenings. Use this link to opt-in to receive text messages from School Messenger. Flyer below with instructions.
  2. Follow us on Facebook.
  3. Our website.


Tracking your child's bus has never been so easy. New Hanover County Schools is implementing a new smart phone app that will allow parents to see where their child's bus is located in real time. Edulog Parent Portal app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Volunteering at Castle Hayne

Volunteers are our partners in education. They take an active role to support and enhance the development of our students. Every day, family and community member volunteers bring enthusiasm and skill into our schools while assisting staff, teachers and students. All volunteers are required to obtain volunteer training annually.

If you would like to move forward with volunteering at Castle Hayne Elementary School these are the following steps you will need to complete:

  1. View the volunteer orientation presentation/Spanish and volunteer handbook/Spanish.

  2. Submit the Volunteer Application Form/Spanish to Danielle Metty, via email or send a printed copy to school with your student labeled with Danielle Metty, Family Liaison.

  3. Complete the Volunteer Orientation Assessment with a score of 80% or higher.

  4. To become a level 2 volunteer, complete a background check application ($20 until October 1 then the cost will be $22.50). You will receive a verification email and card from the Background Investigation Bureau upon approval.

Notify Danielle Metty, when you have completed steps 1-4.

If you are interested in volunteering or chaperoning a field trip at Castle Hayne you MUST complete the Volunteer Training, please contact Danielle Metty at
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Castle Hayne Elementary School

Our mission at Castle Hayne Elementary School is to work together to achieve success by applying our STORM skills!

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