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Spring Product Premier!

Our Spring Product Premier is this Sunday at 12:30 pm in your local time zone. Here are a few reminders:

1. Print and take your ticket that they emailed to you. If you haven't gotten it, call home office ASAP.

2. Doors to the theater will open at 12 noon. You can get there earlier, but we will not begin seating till 12.

3. Be sure to bring a guest that is interested in joining you in this business if you bought a guest ticket.

4. Don't forget to take your excitement and have fun with your 31 sisters.

If you are going to the Premier in Fort Worth, the address is 2300 GREEN OAKS RD

FORT WORTH, TX 76116. I was thinking that those of us that are able can go grab a drink or a bite to eat after the premier somewhere fast and close. I can't wait!

Tips for booking December!!!

1. Share the HOSTESS SPECIAL with everyone!

2. Reach out to past customers that love the Large Utility Tote

3. Plan a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Blast for the week of Thanksgiving and close it at the beginning of December.

This December our Stand Tall Large Utility Tote Insert is the Hostess Special, and this is the ONLY way to get this exclusive item. So use it to your advantage to book!!!

This week I will be posting more about how to do a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Blast on our FB Page. If your not a member of this page then let me know so I can add you.

December Hostess Only Special!

Don't forget to market the new Stand Tall insert for the Large Utility Tote to your friends so they will host a December party with you. This is they ONLY way to get your hands on one. This is a great way to fill up your Turkey Trots and Jingle Bell Blast for your December. Check out our FB page for more info.

Hostess Pop Up Special!

The new Hostess Pop Up exclusive is the Deluxe Utility Tote and two Essential Totes for $35! Remember, these are while supplies last and this special is always rotating. So I do not book parties with this exclusive, but tell the hostess about it as we get ready to close out her party (I do this so that in case the exclusive changes before she closes her party she is not disappointed). This hostess pop up will be available until November 16th.

November 17th your hostess can get the Suite Success Tote in Big Dot or Denim Herringbone. These totes will be $65. Remember if your hostesses has a $1,200 party they will get 3 exclusives for FREE! This exclusive will be until 11/30.

Updated December Special!!!

Here is the updated December Special! There are now 5 different specials that your customers can purchase when they spend $35. Yay!!!

Can I get a WOO HOO?!?!

Congrats to Tammy Massie!

Tammy will be getting an exclusive 31 Tiffany Necklace. Tammy had over 4 parties in October and did over $4,000 in sales. Congrats on this amazing accomplishment Tammy! I am so proud of you!!!

Start Strong Calls just 4 U!

Our leadership team is coming up with a new set of calls tailored to where you and your new consultants are during your Start Swell period (your first 4 months with the company). These calls will take place on Monday evenings at 8 pm CST. Depending upon the call that you are in, there will be a different leader leading this call. This is your opportunity to get training specific to where you are in your business and to ask questions. Here is the schedule for October:

November 3rd ~ Level 1 (1st 30 days) Led by Sarah Pope

November 10th ~ Level 2 (2nd 30 days) Led by Marissa Caster

November 17th ~ Level 3 (3rd 30 days) Led by Tammy Massie

November 24th ~ Level 4 (4th 30 days) Led by Sarah Pope

The call in number is (605) 475-3235 Access Code: 905774#

Mark your calendars now! :)

Ready, Set, SELL!

Just announced that the period for this will be December 1-15th. Holiday cut off is December 10th, so try to book your parties in that first week to insure holiday delivery!

If you are wondering what this is... this is our opportunity to earn FREE product for the new Spring line. You will want to book 2-3 parties, so that you can earn it ALL!!! :)

We will find out this Sunday at Spring Product Premier what the requirements for RSS will be and what we will be earning. They have said that this is the largest give away that they have EVER done... so let's book up December 1-10th! This would be a great reason to do a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Blast!! (Check out our FB page for more details on the Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Blast).


November 1st - April 30th ~ Earning period for Leadership Incentive Trip

November 16th 12:30pm ~ Spring Product Premier happening at a theater near you!

November 18th 8:45 pm ~ FB TACO night for potential recruits

December 1-15th ~ Ready, Set, Sell Incentive

December 10th ~ Holiday Cut Off

January 30 th - 31st ~ Team Retreat ~ Fort Worth, TX

Welcome to our new 31 Sisters!!! We are glad you joined :)

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