Child Sexual Abuse

Victims and Perpetrators

What is Child Sex Abuse?

Well many there is no real definition of Sex Abuse.Its also known as rape and mollestation Many times its just that an adult who forces or coerces a child into a sexual activity.Sexual Abuse comes in many forms and many perpetrators are family members.
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Who are they? Many perpetrators are family members, they can get to you easily,close friends or acquaintance.Even people who work at an institution your kids may go to.They use force,making threats, and taking advantage of their victims.Many perpetrators don't actually use skin to skin contact.They use (cse) Commercial for sexual exploitation.Child pornography, and trafficking for sexual purposes.


The people who do this don't have real intentions they just have really sick minds and people who need help.Some people feel that its okay and it shows love for their children, some think children are attractive including their own.Others do it beacuse they think they are teaching their child a lesson.
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The victims on sex abuse are mostly between the ages of 2 and up.Their branded with scars that cant be mended. They are manipulated and and being taking advantage of.These are children who we are talking about that might grow up to hate the world and start to do bad things.Many kids don't even speak out in what happens to them, they get threats and physically abused if they try to say something.Many older kids in there teenage years are being targeted since they hit their growth spurts.
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Children that have been sexually abused may try to speak out but they don't in fear of adults.Some feel like adults will either be in denial and wont believe them or even them to can hurt the them the same way.Its hard for a kid to speak out when something like this happens. They are fearless and feel alone. Sometimes its harder to keep letting it happen rather to speak up about it.