Superintendent's Update

December 8-12

Weekly Calendar

Monday, December 8

8:30 Cabinet Meeting

10:30 Meeting

11:00 HR/Finance Meeting

12:00-4:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (DiStasio, Robinson, Myles, Guyton)

5:30 Employee Recognition

6:00 Board of Trustees Business Meeting

Tuesday, December 9

8:00-2:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (Beard, Valerino, Dickson,Pappas, Blake)

2:00 Meeting with Board Chair/Vice Chair

3:30 Meeting

Wednesday, December 10

8:00-12:00 Principal Interim Evaluation (Williams, Kane, Campbell, Ahl)

8:30- District Office Meeting

12:30 School Talk

2:00-4:00 Principal Interim Evaluations (Roorda, Barnes)

Thursday, December 11

7:45 WRHI

9:00 Old English Consortium

1:00-4:00 Principal Interim Evaluations (Leonard, Kirell)

Friday, December 12

8:00-4:00 Principal Interim Evaluations (Maness, Kelsey, White, Moree, Khaalid, Goodwin, Campbell)

Upcoming Events:

December 16th- Town Hall Meeting (Brakefield at Riverwalk) Correction to last weeks update.

December 20-January 4 Winter Holidays

Happy December Birthday!

December 4- Melissa Tate

December 14- Cassidy Valerino

December 18- Al Leonard

December 19- Beckye Partlow

December 22- Ginny Hedgpath

December 23- Laney Burris

December 25- Jackie Jones

December 26- Jennise Knight

December 27- Ana Glosson

December 30- Lee Colby

Congratulations to South Pointe- 3A State Champions!

Congratulations to South Pointe for their win over Hartsville Saturday at Brice Stadium! This is the 3rd Football State Championship in ten years! We are proud of our players, cheerleaders and coaches!