April 7th, 2016

What's Up in 4th Grade!

5th grade Collin County Adventure Camp Open House is on Sunday, April 24th. Please scroll down to see the flyer.

Spring is in the air! However, since the weather fluctuates a lot, please dress your child appropriately. It is always advisable to carry a light jacket in case it gets a little cold outside during recess since we go outside at 10:45am.

Please make sure that your child is reading 20 minutes every night and recording it in their planner. A parent signature is also required to ensure this process.

Please take a moment to see the links below for parenting classes offered in April.

Language Arts

Continuing on our theme of habitats, students will explore ocean animals through our main selection, "Adelina's Whales". They will learn more about whales and their behavior patterns. Students will also learn why it is important to understand the explicit and implicit relationships in texts that use text -structure to organize information.

We are excited about our new "Poetry Book," and students will learn about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from text to support their understanding.

We will be focusing on consonant + le syllables for spelling words next week.


Next week, we will complete our study over measurement by solving problems involving money and time using algorithms for adding and subtracting. Then, we will begin our study of personal financial literacy. Students will learn how to make decisions about saving and spending by exploring saving options, understanding types of expenses, and learning the purposes of financial institutions.

We will have a quiz (daily grade) covering Topic 13 on Thursday, April 14th. Students may use the red pages in their math book, pages. 747-750 to prepare for the quiz.

Science and Social Studies

In history, students will learn how people in Texas earned a living in the past and will continue to learn about the free enterprise system. They will also have first hand experience creating products and making decisions from an entrepreneur's perspective, while understanding how technology and the process of mass production changed the Texas economy. Another topic that we will discuss is the discovery of oil in Texas, and its impact on our state.

Key vocabulary to remember will be mass production, specialization, division of labor, and assembly line.

On Friday, April 15, students will have a test over the information from this unit of study.

From the Teachers

  • Reading Logs: 4th grade participates in our Skaggs reading program, The Skaggs Scribe. We require that every student read at least 20 minutes per night and record their time in their planner. Please sign your child's agenda every Friday and students will enter their time on a Google Form where they could win prizes. They may enter this information at school or at home. This is the website students will use to record their minutes:
  • We would like to encourage your child to bring their electronic devices. Electronic devices are being used in all subject areas every day, along with music and art.
  • Be a star for our students and write a check to our PTA. See the information below regarding the Skaggs PTA Check Writing Campaign.
  • A fourth grade website just for parents! You will find links, important information, and much more.

Important Dates

4/15 Family Breakfast 7:00-7:30 AM

4/15 Social Studies test

4/25 Early Voting for Bond Election starts

4/30 PTA Carnival from 2:00-4:00

4/30 PTA Environmental Clean Up following the carnival from 4:00-5:00

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