Planning with Kelly, Carly, Samson and myself was fun and challenging just like last time. First we decided on what we were going to focus on. Each session was to consist of 20 minutes of whole number 'Maths Fitness' then the remaining 40 minutes of the session would be the project work. We decided to focus on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentages, Fractions and Decimals. The idea of creating christmas wish lists as digital flyers using the Smore program was formed and then for the children to pose questions around these flyers which involved all of the above topics. The children had to complete these flyers in pairs.

This was our hook.


From there we formed four groups and the groups rotated each day to a different task using a variety of catalogues and technology techniques to complete the maths tasks such as:

* Creating a shopping list for a dinner for 4 people and they could spend no more and no less than $30

* The price is right game where the children had to estimate the price of the items from the catalogue and then try to order them correctly from most expensive to least expensive.

* Creating a video to show to ES1 and Stage 1 to teach them about how to go to the canteen and how to count money and change.

* Working on their digital flyers, collecting images of their merchandise and working out what price they should put on them and what sort of deals they were going to have in their flyers.

Here are some of the calculating money videos they created.


After two weeks of rotating groups the childrne then concentrated on completing their Smore flyer and posing their questions.

Most of the children finished their flyers and were able to pose their questions and answer them however we did not get the chance for the children to present their digital flyers and questions to the class due to time.

Here are a couple of the flyers that were created: