Resiliency Project

Alexander Graham Bell

How He's Resilient

He never gave up on the telephone even though it didn't work the first time.

What He Did

  • Bell's father and grandfather was both famous for in England for their work in a field of speech.
  • He made a school for the deaf
  • Bell assisted his father and became a teacher
  • His mother told him he can take on big challenges (Bio )
  • "Bell continue his scientific work for the rest of his life" ("Alexander Graham Bell").

Did you know?

"Though he is credited with this invention, Alexander Graham Bell refuses to have a telephone in his study, fearing it would distracted from his scientific work" (History ).

First invention

  • He was playing with a friend when he noticed a slow husking of wheat grain, he when home and build a rotating paddle with a nail brush.
  • Bell was interested in transmitted human voices over wires.
  • When he moved to Canada with his family to continue with his theories
  • By accident Bell sent out the first sentence "Mr.Watson I need to see you" (Alexander Graham Bell ).

What Happened When He Passed

  • In 1975, Bell's sketches of the telephone was donated
  • The Bell Family company is what we call now AT&T (Alexander Graham Bell ).
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Alexander Graham Bell
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This is Alexander Graham Bell calling Mr. Watson in the next room.
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This is Alexander's sketches of the first telephone.
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Alexander's diagram of the telephone
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Alexander's first metal detector.
10th March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell transmits speech using the telephone